Nov 17, 2008

The Mccollum Cousins

At Della's request, I have changed the mast head to show all her Georgia cousins. It's quite a crew! And she's the only girl. Two of the red heads belong to me, and I'll also claim the cool,blue-eyed surfer kid who rarely wears shirt or shoes. Nan has an albino and a latino, we think by the same father.  And Ben's darling boys are a tad more refined, as their mother actually washes and disciplines them. 

They are a wild bunch and when they get together, you better watch out. They eat a lot, consume way too many juice boxes, and the decibel level is significant. You have to just let go and be one with it. But that goes with life in general, I believe. 

We love you and miss you Georgia cousins! Come play in the snow with us! ( and bring Kitty and Grandbear!) 

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