Feb 9, 2009

hand me downs rock!

The other day Daddy and Della went to the post office and there was a little surprise waiting there. It was a BIG box and it was addressed to Della Patton from her cousin Maycee. The air was electric with anticipation. We've gotten these boxes before and we know what they mean.

They brought it home and opened it and sure 'nuff.....it was akin to a disney princess convention exploding in the living room. Della went bezerk. And the 'trying on' began. And it didn't end until every last item had been put on, and modeled and approved. And THEN she had to to do it all over again for her brothers when they got home. It's unanimous that the Georgia cheerleader outfit takes the prize.  

Those who know me well, know that most all our clothes are thrift store finds. I'm proud of this. We are vintage and funky and don't usually exactly match. And we aren't spending a fortune on clothes when there are already wonderful duds out there just looking for a styling kid to breathe new life into them. Recycling at its finest! The box of hand me downs falls into the same category, but gets the added thrill of having been worn by the 'beautiful cousin maycee'. It means we talk about Maycee a LOT. We visit with her vicariously through her clothes. "Momma, do you think Maycee wored this to the grocery store?" not sure, but let's talk it about it for the next 3 months.....  

So thank you cousin Maycee and Aunt Michelle! We heard you're coming soon and can't wait to visit in person! Maybe YOU can answer all these questions!

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