Feb 19, 2009

the shelves that daddy built

look at how cute these are! a few weeks ago, i thought out loud that della and  tiggy needed some shelves between their beds. custom shelves out of old barn wood would be nice, i thought to myself. and daddy disappeared into the garage. 

a few weeks later he emerged with these. ( he wasn't actually working for weeks...he has a day job, too) and they are just perfect. i love his folk art touches. he's been jones-ing to use these license plates for years and the kids LOVE them.
his mom had an old barn in her yard that was falling down and was a shelter for wayward rattlers. he dismantled it and it lives with us now in many forms...dining room table, benches, and now these shelves. note lew's cape, hanging at the ready for come what may...those rattlers perhaps. 
this is della's side. i like the wooden rabbit, nestled unknowingly in the fur of it's long lost mother. that's just a theory. looks cozy though.
and here is, just for fun, one of lew's "lections".  that's kid speak for co-llection, and i'll have you know that this is one of many. i found about 20 tubes of chapstick in a baggie on the bottom shelf when i made the pictures for this. the little buggar!  

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Zane Wooder said...

cool. I never thought of putting licensee plates in rooms as decorations. It actually look really nice. It's a prefect decoration for a kid's room.

-Zane of ontario honey