Apr 19, 2009


Parenting is mixed bag of some wild stuff. I don't know what I like best, I like it all, but it's conversations like this one that just pull it all together for me. And probably no one else will find this as hysterically funny as I did. ( Probably not even remotely funny, actually...) But here it is, none the less.

I must preface this by saying that Seekan WAS my mom and dad's dog. She's dead now and has been for a few months and Lew hasn't laid eyes on this dog in over seven months as she lived in Georgia and we are in Colorado. But keep in mind, ....she's DEAD.

We are driving into town for a soccer game on Saturday and Lew is in the backseat sniffing his fingers, apparently.

Lewis: "Mom, my fingers smell like Seekan"

Me: "What?"

Lewis (holding up his fingers) : "These two fingers smell like Seekan"

Me: "That's gross, Lew."

Lewis: "But they do."

Me: "Well, what does Seekan smell like?"


I nearly wrecked the car I was laughing so hard. And boy do kids love it when they get a good laugh out of mom or dad, so I probably have not heard the end of this.

Rest in peace, Seekan.


Natty-G said...

very sweet, Ivey!

kate said...

Ivey, This story made me lol at the Library and everyone turned and stared. Thanks for sharing!! kate