Apr 6, 2009

sick child

Max, day before yesterday, when he was well, modeling a hat that he wants with all his heart!

Vacation was quite nice and I will post about it, I promise, but today everything takes a back seat to a sick child. Max is sick and has been since yesterday and he is fairly dramatic about it. When Lew is sick he becomes a quiet recluse...you have to really poke and prod him to get him to disclose his maladies, and generally, a ginger ale makes everything bearable. Not so with Max. He's a moaner. And God help us all when he's in pain. He keeps us posted on each and every ache and its level of tolerability. (my word, I believe) As in, "Mom, my head hurts so bad that I'm going to die." He tears up with every declaration. It rips my heart out and that's just what he's after.

But he is pretty darn sick. A fever of 103, upset stomach, and the afore mentioned headaches. He has no appetite and that's unusual. So out come the big guns. Movies,
ginger ale, butler trays, and my magical cure-all...ginger lemon soup. I'm posting the recipe for all the world to see, for the greater good of sick folks everywhere. It is healing and yummy and healthy and hearty all at once. It's the only thing mine eat when they are sick, and I am pompous enough to believe that it's what cures them. So here is the recipe, pioneer woman style, except without her beautiful photography and witty prose.

Here are the ingredients. Quite simple. The only thing missing is the basil, fresh or dried, take your pick. There are chili flakes in that little container. They are optional. I always opt for heat.

Now for the how-to. And truthfully, this is not my strong suit as I am not a recipe follower. I'm a dump and taste and guess kinda gal. So take from this what you will.

Get out your favorite pot and put it on the stove. Pour in one box of chicken stock, add a can of coconut milk, (NOT creme of coconut, that's for pina coladas when all are well and sitting on the beach in Maui) the juice of a lemon, about 2 inches of finely chopped fresh ginger, a cup or two of brown rice, some chili flakes, sea salt, and a handful of chopped fresh basil.

Heat and cook until rice is soft and serve.

The ginger is lovely for the tummy and it's creamy without containing dairy. It's tangy and flavorful yet easy to digest and the rice adds just the right heft. For more heft, add chicken and vegetables. This is the PERFECT soup for a woman who has just had her 3rd C-section, but that's another story.
Get well soon, baby!

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Zane Wooder said...

Poor Max. By now he's probably better but still that sucks. Maybe max needs a bit more sunlight in his life. Does he play outside a lot?

-Zane of ontario honey