Feb 9, 2010

Ha Ha

I struggle when it comes to buying birthday presents for my children's friends. Most people go waaaay overboard with gifts that are too expensive. Truth be told, these kids usually already have too much stuff already and the gifts are quickly forgotten.

So I am always on the lookout for the perfect little gift.

And if you have a boy in second grade then take heed.

This is it.

The perfect gift.

It's only $6.95, it's timeless, and it's good for lots of laughs. My Lewis (age 7) will pick it up and walk around the house offering up jokes and riddles to whoever will listen. It goes to school. It sits by the toilet. It goes to recess. It goes camping. He is the arbiter of funny to friends and family and who doesn't want to be that?

Max (10) likes it too and I'm sure that one day Della will scoop it up and start reading.

There are lots of good joke books out there. I like this one because it's not neccesarily just for kids. He doesn't always get the play on words that are a tad over his head, but he will ask and move forward. There is lots of room to grow with this book and he loves it right now. He says he wants to keep it for when he has kids and that is praise reserved only for the very special.

It will not cause mass hysteria when it is opened at the party, but it might just be around 25 years from now with lots of memories and laughs hidden in the worn pages.

Pretty good for $6.95.

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