Apr 5, 2010

blast from the past

Facebook can just throw it at you. People you haven't seen or thought of in 20 odd years pop right out of nowhere. It is quite nice for that. I can't say that I enjoy being privy to their random thoughts or knowing that they 'are enjoying a glass of red after the soccer practice shuttle' but, in general, I like knowing who is where and that they they turned into normal, productive citizens with spouses and off spring.

The other day, Ort, an Athens icon, showed up on my FB. It made me smile and I friended him. He confirmed. And look what I found on his home page. It's a portrait by Terry Rowlett. That's Ort with the cooler.

Terry Rowlett is one of my favorite Athens artists. I love his religous take on the everyday.

So thank you FB, amidst the drivel, there are little treasures.

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