Apr 26, 2010

independence day

For years I have been waiting for this.

They did it.

I am so proud and excited for them. It was my greatest pleasure as a child and now it is theirs, too.

I would ride to the country club and swim. I would ride to Izzo's Drug Store for a slaw dog and a vanilla coke. I would feed the fish at the courthouse and go visit my grandmother. I would explore back alleys and abandoned houses. I would slog through creeks and balance across (active) train trestles. I would deliberate for hours at the Sing Store in the candy aisle. (money truly has meaning when you are stretching your $2.00 allowance across an entire Saturday) I would play at the park and when it was unbearably hot on a July day in South Georgia I would go to the library and sit in the stacks on the floor and examine the bottom row of books in the cool dimness. When I was on my bike, out on the town, I was in charge of myself.

As Max put it so eloquently the other day, 'time was my own.'

So I was beside myself the other morning when Max announced that he was 'going to town'. Lew was going, too. They were going to the skate park. And it's not a short trip.
Seven or so miles on a very twisty county road and then a mile or two more downtown.

It was hard for me not to overwhelm them with directives, but I kept my mouth shut.

"Meet me at triangle park at 4:00." I said (it was only 9:30!) and I gave Max my watch.

"Don't forget to eat some lunch!" I shouted as they sped down the driveway, skateboards lashed to their backpacks.

No, they did not have a cell phone. (don't get me started on the 'invisible leash'...)

Yes, they had a blast.

And at 4:00 o 'clock I was very happy to see their shining faces.

They were tired and so proud of themselves. They talked non-stop about their adventures.

Time was "their own" and I remembered again what a wonderful gift that is.


Jamie Jo said...

I love your blog! I think you're the person I want to be. . .of course, after my weekend with Beth Moore, I have to be secure with who God made ME. Oh well. I cannot wait to read your blog every time you update! Thanks for loving my Dax!

Nan Myers said...

Amen Sister! You forgot eating the prized jolly ranchers or whatever your Sing Store penny candy was in those great old HUGE oaks at the hospital, now a parking lot. Remember Tom Daniels- I think he was more in my bike riding days than yours, but probably not.