May 11, 2010

the birds

Lately, we have gone to the birds. I got a darling bird feeder for my birthday and we hung it in the kitchen window. It's borderline magical. The children will 'freeze' as they are walking by and slowly point and whisper..."MOM, LOOK!"

And sometimes it's just a warbler or a jay or a magpie, all of which are precious, but then sometimes it's this bird.

Bullock's Oriole.

And this picture does not do him justice. He is electric! He blazes! He's positively tropical!

And we love him.

I grew up in the deep south with a father who loves and tends his birds. I know the southern birds like I know fried chicken and lady peas. I'm not so good with the western birds and it makes them all the more special. Each one is a gift. A beautiful feathered package for me to explore and investigate.

The binoculars and the bird book sit on the window sill.

And when the book fails me, I go to this fabulous website.

Happy Birding!

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