Oct 4, 2010

Blame it on Michael

love his bare feet!!!

  I got a ticket the other day. Michael was playing at top volume and I was jamming. And speeding. I was doing 45 in a 25. I don't often get pulled over, but when I do, I can generally talk my way out of it. I start off by apologizing profusely.

"Yes, Officer, I know. You're right and I am so sorry. I was late for work and that is no excuse. I am REALLY sorry." (and that's for real, because who wants a speeding ticket?!?)

It works best if there are three wide eyed children in the back seat and I tweak the southern accent just a tad.  

But she wasn't having it. She said that she had to issue me a citation because I was so far over the limit. Dang. She asked me where I worked. I told her that I teach. And that I mom. And that I'm normally a good driver. And do you know what she said?

She said this....

"Ma'am, I believe that you are a good citizen.  You should go to court and ask the judge for a deferment based on the fact that you are a good citizen. I will make a note on my report that I believe you to be a good citizen."

Whoa. I felt like I should get out of the car and say the pledge. I think of myself as lots of things, but 'good citizen' is not on that list. Not that I'm not. I do my part. But being a good citizen ages me. Retired vets are good citizens. I am just me.

But no longer, folks! On October 26th I will go on record as being a good citizen. 

Before a judge! Watch out!

And speaking of good citizens, I do think it safe to say that Michael Franti falls into the category. What a concert! He is good energy incarnate. How many rock stars let every kid in the audience on stage? If he is performing anywhere near you, don't miss the chance to see him and hear his message of peace.

Totally worth a speeding ticket. 

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Jamie Jo said...

I don't know if you'll go on the record as officially being a good citizen unless the judge agrees that you are! :) Is he asking for character references? You better start getting those lined up! :)