Oct 1, 2010

News from these parts

The biggest news out of the Patton house may not sound exciting to you, but I am beside myself.  Up until yesterday, my precious Max was COVERED in warts. Both hands.... covered! We were studying together last night and I was watching him write when I noticed. I squealed! I ripped him out of his chair to go show Daddy. His fingers are virtually wart free. They are evaporating before our eyes. His thumbs are the last hold-out and we are praying, wishing, voo-dooing them away before our Halloween deadline.

Sooooo, A big thank you to Dr. Wickless and his suspicious sounding 'beetlejuice'!

Soccer has taken over at our house and I am not much of a Soccer Mom. Thankfully I am married to a fabulous Soccer Dad. We spent a chunk of yesterday lining 14 fields for a tournament this weekend.  Good Luck Max!

Della is in the news with a full room makeover and I can not wait to show you pictures. Daddy is building her a new bed and as soon as it is done I will do a photo shoot. I must say that it is my favorite interior paint job EVER! (for those of you who don't know, I used to be a decorative painter. Murals, faux finishes, etc...) This one was sooo much fun that I almost want to start back up!

Lewis is very popular this weekend. His schedule includes a Friday playdate, a train trip on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge to see the amazing fall foliage and visit the Big Foot Museum with our sweet neighbors, a sleepover on Saturday night, and a family fall party at one of his new school friends on Sunday. And I was worried about him assimilating?!?

Fall is in the air and it is truly amazing. Our mountain has changed colors almost overnight and the firewood is stacking up out there. I'm in the mood for apple pie and soup and warm bread. In the fall, I get the bug to spruce and decorate and cozy in. Go here for some fun fall recipes and design ideas.

And I leave you with Lew, in his drawers, splitting wood.

Work it, Brother!

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