Oct 28, 2010


I f you are odd, like me, you know that ATOL stands for 'a touch of leopard'. I can't remember a time  that I didn't know this. It's a part of who I am. Now that is a an exaggeration, but sometimes it's fun to exaggerate, especially about something as IMPORTANT as leopard skin. (See, I'm doing it again! Feeling feisty this morning, I am!)

have loved this light fixture since the beginning of time!

Needless to say, I was thrilled to come across this post from Jenny about the importance of leopard skin at this whacked out blog! Please go read it! I will make another revealing confession here. I love Jenny's blog because she cusses like a tweaking sailor and is pretty darn offensive to some. Not to me though!! She makes me laugh! I love to cuss and I try to contain it, but inside my head I just cuss all the time. In a fun, upbeat, but slightly cynical way. Yes I do. I don't do this around many people, but when I really feel comfortable around you, I'll let it eat. (Joe Kenworthy, where are you?) The genteel and kind southerner in me keeps me in check, along with some good Christian guilt, and the fact that my mom is reading this. And to be honest, Jenny is yucking it up enough for the both of us. Read this post, if you don't believe me. It is hysterical and crude and true. I will take this opportunity to say that I will never get used to referencing certain body parts as she does. It crosses my line and you should know that I DO have a line.  I so worry about her dad (or mom) reading her blog. I should probably just get a life!

Happy Thursday all! Are you ready for Halloween? I'm not!


Jamie Jo said...

Ivey, you just let me see yet another thing we have in common. . .cussing. . .especially in our heads! How many times a day do I just want to say, "No shit?!?" to one of my kids. . .oh my! I like you! (What would my condemning readers say to this confession?)

Bunny Byrne said...

You had me at 'cussing' - I am a closet foul-mouth! Thanks for the blog tip - love it!!