May 6, 2008

The third breakfast

The boys are off to school. It's 9:30. And Della is on breakfast number three. The first two were fine...boiled eggs with butter and salt, toast and honey, a bowl of cereal...but why stop at two when we can keep mom on her toes cooking and cleaning.

So number three was taken outside, on the veranda, next to the fragrant mint that we planted last week and with the the serenade of bubbles - from the nemo bubble blower that granne gave us when she came to visit.

What is she eating out of that splendid handmade bowl from r.wood studio ? It's momma's breakfast, of course. A delightful blend of flax and pumpkin seed and ezekial cereals all salvaged from the bottom of several bags in the pantry and topped with the dew berries that we picked last night. It was going to be good. At least a little sustenance.
But i guess not today. I'll try again at lunch. It's about that time.

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Bonnie Milicent said...

Yumm Della...You are making me hungry!!! I am so glad to have found you on the blogosphere!! I will be checking in with you guys!! Good to see ya today at Olivia's bday party!!!