Jun 3, 2009


The fun thing about a blog is that YOU get to learn WHO I REALLY AM. Isn't that fun for you? It is all so personal. And as I write about things that are near and dear to me, I have come to find that, actually, there aren't that many people who know The True Inner Me. This is a little sad, but not really.

My husband knows every darn thing there is to know. My sister and I communicate on a deep level because of our mutual history, but we are very different people. My parents and I share DNA so they know where I'm coming from, but have probably always wondered where the hell I'm going. I have lovely friends whom I adore and we laugh and spend lots of time together, but we are so busy wrangling children and juggling life that a great deal goes unsaid.

What does all this have to do with all these photos of dinosaurs? You don't have a clue, do you?

These dinosaurs represent my greatest personal longing...kids aside.

If I could do and become anything in this world that I wanted to do or become (and I can), I would be a welder of magnificent yard art. I would be good. I would make enormous insects out of salvaged VW hoods, dinosaurs just like these, bigger than life flocks of emus.

All I need is a lofty workshop, a welder, someone to teach me how to use the thing, about 4 tons of funky scrap metal, an old pick-up truck with a trailer, some leisure time and a wealthy patron.

So now you know a little more about me.

How 'bout you?

Oh yes! I almost forgot! These fabulous fellows were created by a man named Bob Dorris, a retired Air Force engineer. You can find them deep in the countryside of Erie, Kansas.

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