Jun 5, 2009

why not?

Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat....absolutely overwhelmed by the the wealth of knowledge that I must pass on to three eager and receptive little souls. If I stop and really think about it, it freaks me out.

There is always basic daily maintenance to attend to... the feeding, clothing, watering, and sheltering. Making sure they have all the proper gear is a full time job in and of itself. Then of course, there is their EDUCATION. That is a huge category and I'm always worrying that they aren't getting enough, except for the times when I have worried that maybe they are getting too much.

They need to know some language other than their own and whine-ese. Should it be french, spanish, german? What about latin? It forms the foundation of all the romance languages, they should probably know that, too.

They need to play an instrument. Which one? Or two? I want them to also know how to sing well, to harmonize, to know all the great broadway show tunes, to be able to dance to those show tunes. To know and appreciate classical music, opera, hymns and James Taylor.

And then there is literature and poetry and fine art. That's a lifetime of learning, alone!

Classic movies and plays.

What about sports? They need to know the basics of the biggies...soccer, basketball, football and baseball. Then there's lacrosse and tennis and golf and jai alai. Let's also throw in mountain biking, skiing...water and snow, track, skate boarding, ultimate frisbee, swimming, and juggling.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And, of course, it comes together gradually over time with the help of many. But I still sometimes feel the responsibility of it all sitting on me like an elephant.

So right now, today, Max is working on a very important piece of his musical education and we are sharing it with you.

Because it's very important that we all know the classic hits of the eighties.

Rock On.

P.S. We are both having a hard time with Steve's pants? Were we all OK with that look, I can't remember?!


Nan said...

don't forget ultimate frisbee...and i love that song, but between the jeans and the shirt-i don't know, i'm thinking "Not". Didn't you meet Steve Perry in a bar in Jacksonville and is that a part of Max's musical education? your sistah

rlgibson said...

meant to tell you how much I enjoyed this post -- I often feel this as well -- how do you know what is important and essential to pass on? Languages - yes (Daniel starts French next year, and definitely Latin I hope -- I still remember learning Adeste Fidelis at Brookwood, not that that's Latin, but a start); instrument - yes, older two boys play cello, but isn't piano a great thing too? what about orchestra, or band? And sports -- yes, that too -- what about croquet and bocce and volleyball and maybe the rudiments of gymnastics? And basic skills too -- tying knots, climbing a tree, building drip castles in the sand, flying a kite, how to work a yo-yo and a hula-hoop. Last week the boys were introduced to moonwalking! :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks about these things!