Jul 14, 2009

Max spent the last week at Camp Chief Ouray.

He did not want to go.

He said that I was 'not respecting his feelings'.

He cried.

I ignored him.

He went.

I cried.

(I'm not totally insensitive to his needs.)

Children can't see the big picture....that's why they have parents...to save them from themselves.
What do you know? He had a blast. He didn't want to leave. He made lots of cool new friends from all over the U.S. and from abroad. He said the girls were...'real cute, Mom!'
Mom thought his counselor was 'real cute'! (pictured below in zebra shirt)
He found his groove quickly, like 2 minutes after we left him, he said.

I like this picture because I don't know any of these darling children and Max knows them all. Camp is so all-American.
The scenery wasn't too shabby.
There were lots of cute teenagers with tons of wacky energy and enthusiasm. Max wants to be a counselor one day.
Good idea, Max.

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