Jul 15, 2009

why i had a della

This little bird is reason enough to have a daughter. It's not often that I see a dress or outfit that really floats my boat. I am not a girly girl. I am NOT a clothes horse. I wear the same get up for, literally, years at a time. Hello jeans and ratty mexican shirt and tiger danskos.

Doesn't sound pretty, does it?

And there is someone else to dress and she is much cuter than me.

Still, I am not drawn to the feminine frills. I am drawn to this little bird brooch. I will make one this afternoon and pin it to her jeans and put on her little mexican tunic.

uh oh.

I see a pattern here.

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Zane Wooder said...

People give me this really hard time for rolling up my jeans. If I rolled up my jeans and had a bird as a design like these jeans. Nobody would give me a hard time and everyone would stare in amazement of it's beauty.

-Zane of ontario honey