Sep 13, 2009


Boy have I missed this little blog spot. I had absolutely no intention of letting five whole weeks go by without posting, but somehow it did. A few changes have taken place in my life. From the previous post, you know that we have moved. We did not go far. As the crow flies we are probably only a mile from where we were. 

We were offered a deal that we couldn't refuse.

A friend called and said that she had an old trailer for rent. 

She said it was a one bedroom.

She said it was absolutely horrible and that she had immediately thought of us.

She said the setting was actually quite nice.

She said the rent was next to nothing.

We said Hell Yeah.

And so we moved. And I must say that life is good. The setting is absolutely breathtaking. We are in a very narrow little valley that could be a movie set for an epic saga. Dramatic stone cliffs hanging over a pristine lake and green valley. Five folks in a one bedroom trailer is cozy and we have simplified in a big way. Which you know I love. We have lots of wonderful neighbors and there are kids everywhere....whizzing down our dirt lane....happy shrieks bouncing off the cliff walls. 

We do not have internet. Thus the lag time in posting.

I also started work...teaching preschool. 

The same friend called and said she could see me teaching lots of wild young children eight hours a day.

Should I stop taking her calls?

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