Jan 21, 2010

Thank you God for 4WD and Goose Down.

The SNOW! Holy mackerel. Our lives right now look something like this....

Wake up.

Build fire.


Go to work.

Come home and shovel till dark.

Eat dinner and read in front of fire.


Go to bed.

Do it all again.

With lots more snow in the forecast it doesn't look like this schedule will change any time soon. But in truth, there is a certain zen like rhythm to it all. I like the shoveling. You can't not do it. It takes precedent over everything and sometimes that's nice.Being out in it and feeling the muted silence of the falling snow in our little valley is mystical. It's punctuated by the wild yells of the kids when they throw themselves off the front porch into the shoulder high drifts and especially when they throw the cat into those same drifts.....and he disappears. Or when the snow tunnel they've built collapses. And of course, there is the sledding and the skiing and snow boarding.

Della on skis is almost too much to bear. They taught her to ski with her hands on her hips and she is the definition of 'sassy'. Matt on a snow board is pretty special, too. The boys have passed us all.

I do like the coziness of winter. The big pot of soup on the wood stove, the cakes and pies and cookies that Matt is constantly turning out. The cramped quarters that are filled with music and books and laughs and candle light.

10-12 more inches of the white stuff tonight?

As Joe Kenworthy would say....

Let it Eat.

Has anybody seen the cat?

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