Dec 15, 2009

the plan

I love Christmas, but it's also overwhelming. We are leaving town this year in hopes of toning it down a notch. We are road tripping to Southern California. We are going to camp in Malibu and fulfill my dream of the camper covered in Christmas lights card that I am drawn to year after year. (you've seen it...the photograph of the solitary ham can with a string of lights)

We'll see the sights, eat lots of exotic foods, picnic under the Hollywood sign, find the best used book stores and thrift shops, hike, play at the beach, and of course, hit a few funky toy stores.

We will move into fancier digs on Christmas Eve and find a loud and bustling Chinese restaurant in Chinatown and then go to the prettiest church we can find.

Santa will come in a low key kind of way.

Someone mentioned that Lego land is in southern cal. Hhhhmmmmm.

I want to go to a wrestling match in Tijuana.

And maybe we'll wetsuit up and do some baja surfing.

Eat some lobster in Ensenada.

Suggestions are welcome!

I hope all you people out there who read my ramblings have a wonderful season...and I'll keep you posted on our where abouts!

ps! Santa says I'm getting a camera so I will be uploading MY OWN pictures again soon!

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