Jul 21, 2010

Former Patton House For Sale

Our home in Georgia is officially for sale and what better place than here to market it! My charming and delightful brother, Ben, can give you all the valid details about this sweet little cottage. I, on the other hand, can reveal to you some of the magic that lies inside all Patton Houses...past, present, and future.

You should know that laughter lurks in the hallways. We left lots of good karma in the duct work and crawl spaces. Fabulous memories remain in all closets, the attic, the basement and the garage. We tried to pack them all up but there were just too many, so we left them for the next folks.

Something in the water made Della's hair curl into darling ringlets. A fox family would dance in the backyard by the light of the moon. The neighbors are delightful. The street is quiet and safe and perfect for bike riding or strolling after dinner. The pines reach the sky and house owls and hawks and fairies.

The house is quaint. It has NOT been remodeled within an inch of it's life. One time a friends' husband came to pick up their child and he blundered in and said... "this place could be nice if you totally remodeled it." He said that OUT LOUD.

No, Friutcake, I replied, it would then look like your McCottage on your treeless acre. I did NOT say that out loud. I transmitted it via telepathy to the universe...it's probably still swirling around up there.

Anyways. This house is not new. It's lived in. It's loved in. Here are some pics in no particular order.

Still Life with basketball net. 
The kitchen is a nice size with a big pantry. Lots of yummy food and play dough got it's start right here.
The boys bedroom has windows on three walls. Could also be a delightful sun room.

Della's room. She potty trained herself here. That alone is worth the asking price. 

Living room with fireplace. There is also a den with a fireplace, but alas, I have no photo.
Kitchen agin. Look at how clean it is. We installed cork floors to muffle the squeals of laughter.

The property sits on a quiet acre and has a separate garage apartment. It has a renter now, but we used it as a studio space for the kids. Reading, Writing, Art, and Poetry remain in the nooks and crannies. As does my desire to ever homeschool again.  

Sooooo. To sum it all up in realtor terms.... this charming 3BR 1.5 BA cottage, built in 1936, all hardwood floors, LR, den, separate DR,  on a quiet acre in excellent neighborhood with newly remodeled 1BR studio apt with separate driveway and good rental income....

All this can be yours for only....

I should stop here real quick and say that if you live in Durango, CO you need to put your ass in a seat for this one because IT IS NOT FAIR!!!

All this can be yours for $159,500.

Ridiculous, is it not. 

Call the Wright Group and they will hook you up.


Jamie Jo said...

Okay, first of all, I emailed this to my mother-in-law because it is the cutest "for sale" I have ever read. She wants to move to Georgia just to meet your house! :)

Second of all. . .our summers are not matching up. Hays is in Missouri at camp and we leave to go to Missouri to see family next week. We'll be there until the 20th and then my dad will be with us until the 22nd. So, maybe we can get Hays and Max together that Sunday afternoon or the Monday before school starts? I really want to do it BEFORE they go to school! He is entering middle school with a best friend, but she is a girl and I really would like him to have a guy that he likes before that first day!

I'll call you sometime! :) Have fun in Cali!

Zane Wooder said...

It's a beautiful home. You most have great memories in it. It most be hard to sell this cute little home.

-Zane of ontario honey