Jul 19, 2010


Our house is filled to the brim with boys! Della was so happy when Roxy showed up. They had a blast playing dress up and giggling like girls!

(thanks tiggy!)

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Anna said...

I'm so glad I found you on here. I've been reading funny stories in tears and really should head to bed since it's past midnight. I seriously thought this one was Della until she showed up in the last picture! Whoops. How funny is that. Not nearly as funny or entertaining, but my sister-in-laws and I have a blog we began recently to keep in touch and share life on. I had a tribute to you on there with the Kale shakes. Yeah, the kids or hubby aren't buying it. However I managed to get them into kale chips perhaps out of pure curiosity and not so much for them actually liking them. Check it out if you like. http://thepleiades7.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the laughs Ivy.