Sep 17, 2010

Sharon and Karen

Della has a little friend named Penelope. They are old friends, but they do not always jive so well. They are both strong willed and particular. Sometimes when I pick her up from playing with Penelope, her mother says that they were dreadful. Separately and together.

"Sharon and Karen?" I ask.

We both laugh. Let me explain.

At Penelope's school some teacher must have drilled it into her head that when we play with friends we  are sharing and caring. It became a mantra.

Sharing and caring. Sharing and caring. Sharing and caring. Preschool rules are like that.

But this is how it goes down in a real life play date with two assertive girls.

Della picks up Penelope's doll and starts to play with it. Penelope gets tense and wants doll

"Della, sharing and caring." she hisses

Translation...."Yo Hussy, that's my damn doll."

And she rips it out of Della's hands. Della rips it right back.

"No! Sharing and caring!" Della screams.

Translation....."Don't even think that I'm going to come over and take the @#$&! that you are dishing out!"

And they're off. It's a downward spiral and eventually we have to bail them out, but not before some serious good laughs. Lucky for me, Penelope's mom is one of my dearest friends and she seems to tolerate my warped sense of humor. Because not all moms would approve of me renaming their sweet little girl...

I affectionately call them Sharon and Karen.... aka... The Little Bitches.


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