Nov 20, 2010

did you know...

Last night the Patton house was abuzz with children. Cousins plus neighbors plus the Pattons. And the Patton house isn't very big. Both fires were lit. Alton Brown's mac and cheese was in the oven.  Daddy had whole wheat chocolate pecan cookies going in the mixer. And the movies were waiting by the TV. But alas, the first choice movie was scratched. Drat. But Sophia, my niece, had a solution. And after my second glass of wine it sounded like a great idea.

"You wash them in the toilet." she said.

"You do, do you?" said me.

"Uh huh. You squirt in some dish soap, drop in the DVD and then flush it."

"And that works?"

"Yep." she said

Max looked at me skeptically. He knows me well. He didn't think I'd be buying that one.

"Can we try it, Mom?" he ventured.

"Sure. Why not."

Because eight kids crammed in my bathroom flushing DVD's down the john is better than eight kids running wild all over the house. AND the kid in me knows that it's a pretty awesome thing to do on a Friday night. They set up an assembly line and washed our entire DVD collection...and the ones we had checked out from the library, too.

Did it work? Did Edward Scissorhands come clean?

Not telling.

Let your kids figure it out.

They'll think you're off your rocker for suggesting it.

Happy Weekend.

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