Nov 19, 2010

happy birthday

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My sweetheart had a birthday this week. I run hot and cold about writing about him for some reason. I guess because it seems so very personal to me. (I've pretty much already said it all in this post.) But we had a funny little exchange in the hotel this past weekend that made me laugh, and reminded me for the gazillioneth time why I'm so crazy about him.

He is so kind. He has a way of making strangers feel special. He notices what someone needs and he does it.

We were in the lobby eating breakfast this weekend and he was making one of those waffles that they offer these days. A VERY old man hobbled up and was looking at the breakfast spread with utter confusion. Matt said good morning to him and announced that he was making himself a waffle.

"They're pretty good. I'll make you one, too."

And he did. And he joked and they laughed and he put the old man at ease. The man sat down, and when his wife arrived he announced that this kind young man was making his breakfast. Of course, Matt got hers going too.

The waffle maker, at this point, went a little bezerk. It started beeping loudly.

Old people get flustered at funny things and the wife started shouting.

"Mr. Waffle Man! Mr. Waffle Man!"

Mr. Waffle Man quickly fixed the situation and delivered her hot waffle. Matt chatted with them while they ate and told them that we were there for a big soccer tournament. They had noticed all the families and the soccer uniforms. "You must be a coach." they said.

"No, My son is a player. I'm just a parent." he replied.

And then she said it.

"But you're too young to be a parent!"

Matt was loving it. "You heard her, didn't you?" he said.

"Yes, dear, I heard her."

We got on the elevator to go back to the room.

"Is there any cure for advanced glaucoma?" I asked.

Because sometimes it's fun to be evil.

Her vision was fine, actually. Matt does look young. And he is sweet. And, of course, now he is Mr. Waffle Man.

Happy 46  Love.
Lewis, Matt, and Max in Malibu.

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Zane Wooder said...

I love how much you care about your husband. I'm glad you two are happy and your children are healthy. That makes me smile.

-Zane of ontario honey