Nov 4, 2010

The (Fashion) Fit

the bracelets make the look...from the sartorialist!

I'm generally a glass half full kind of gal, but on Sunday I dumped that glass out and had a full blown fit. I was getting dressed for church and was suddenly, utterly, overcome with anger and frustration.

I'm going to stop right there and say that I have NEVER admitted anything along those lines and it feels very weird.

Anyway. I  got angry. It, initially, all stemmed from my wardrobe and I figured that that was as good a place as any to start. I looked in my closet and it all disgusted me. It was an awful hodgepodge of hand me downs and thrift store and just plain old crap. I filled two huge garbage bags and felt better. As I did it I realized that it's been WAY too long since I've taken care of myself in any meaningful way. I thought about the prospect of buying some new clothes, but could hardly remember what my 'style' might be. This made me madder. I cry when I'm mad, by the way.

And, of course, I am bright enough to know that it's not about the clothes.

But let's talk about clothes.
I think she looks darling!

In some ways, we could say that they define us. Mark Twain said that "the clothes make the man." I'm not entirely on that boat, but I do understand that we look around at each other and make superficial, but lasting assessments based on appearances. For some of us, a great deal of effort is directed toward how we look. So conversely, we put great stake in how others look. Fashion is a huge deal in our culture! Huge! My dear old friend and college room mate, Amy, is a fashion designer and has such a wonderful sense of style. (fashion and style are not the same, you know) I love seeing what she turns out and that is in part because of our shared history. I can see 'the southern thing' and 'the eighties thing' and 'the preppy thing' and 'the bohemian thing' and even 'the Nancy thing' in her designs! Nancy was our beautiful roommate from south Florida who brought us a new dimension in fashion. I'll never forget her white boots! (and it was after labor day, too!) What fun it was to share a closet with those two!

Which brings me, full circle, to my hellish closet that I UNLOADED on Sunday. You can't know how good it felt to just say no to my wardrobe. Save for a few trusty items, the cupboard is bare. Seriously. I am all but walking around naked. I'm apprehensive about winter. It's going to be chilly. But I am committed to no more junk. Over the years I have had a 'uniform'. I wrote about it here. And, with some careful editing,  I will probably adopt it again in some form. Jeans are non negotiable. I live in them and my favorite Sevens made the cut. Yesterday I went to the Ralph Lauren outlet and bought two somewhat tailored white button downs. Hello high school. That is as far as I've gotten.

Durango is not a shopping mecca and the budget is slim. (and it all needs to coordinate with snow boots and a down jacket.)

And, of course, it's not all about the clothes.

How do you renew and restore yourself? Tell me your secrets for taking care of yourself. How do you do it all and claim your own space? I would love some input here!

I'll leave you with this. I like it.

Souls wouldn't wear suits and ties, they'd wear blue jeans and sit cross-legged with a glass of red wine.  ~Carrie Latet


Jamie Jo said...

First of all, I can TOTALLY relate! TOTALLY!!! Second of all, you looked adorable in your white button down the other day (I actually almost said something and now I wish I had). Thirdly, I was just telling someone last week that you are one of the most adorable people I have ever met. ..if I was skinnier I would be tracking down your black trash bags right now! Fourth, I get wholesale cost on Arc'teryx and Mountain Hardware if that helps? Fifth, I need a fashion make over, too, that goes with snow boots and ski coats! Sixth, I am about to ransack my closet, too. . .I've been "about to" for several weeks, but I will now that I've said it. Seventh, how do I balance (that wasn't the word you used) myself? I put the kids to bed early (7:00). I have a favorite show I look forward to all week (Grey's Anatomy). I love my Zumba class. I sit in bed and read at night when Andy is out of town (almost always). Every single morning I remind myself to thank God for two things: how beautiful it is here and my family--that way I start the day off thankful. I let myself have a good cry at least once a month. I buy candles and hand soap and lip gloss from Bath & Body works that smell like the season!

Jodie said...

Hey Ivey, I've been thinking lately about my overconsumption of clothes (among other things) and the Six Items or Less has gotten my attention some. Are you familiar with it?

Natty-G said...

my secret: The Rose.
it's an amazing and incredibly affordable consignment shop in Hotchkiss (east of Delta en route to Paonia.) worth the drive! (I happen to have friends in that valley and go often.) seriously! - thrift shop prices on sweet, name brand, Aspen hand-me-downs.... amazing! they almost always have newish Danskos for $4-$8. xo

MaryMinter Griffiths said...

Want me to send you some Tibi?

Zane Wooder said...

There are people who wear really nice cloths but the cloths don't wear them. They wear the cloths. Confidence is what makes any pair of cloths look good on a person.

-Zane of ontario honey