Nov 11, 2010

first snow. yikes.

A Laura Driver Lantern hanging on the front pretty with the snow!
Good Morning! It's snowing! And the mad dash begins! Della is asking for her Little House book  with the recipe for sugar and molasses snow candy. Max has had his ski suit out for weeks and thankfully Lewis and Della's are in the closet...not buried somewhere in the garage. Hats, gloves, scarves, shells, smart wools, boots, long underwear, and on and on and on. Add ski gear and sleds and two sets for each kid, for when the first set is soaked or muddy, and you have a recipe for mild hysteria, a swimming pool in the entrance hall, and a constant set of something drying by the woodstove. I had sort of forgotten. I remember now and we're only about thirty minutes into the whole thing.

 Give me my Bogs and a down jacket over my pajamas and I can make it all happen. But just barely.

All sweet Lewis wanted to do is go pee in the snow. His urgency was compounded by too many zippers, but he made it! Oh, to be eight!

We had leftover pizza and hot cocoa for breakfast and Daddy got them all to school on time. I think I'll attempt to organize winter stuff today.............happy first snow, friends!

P.S. Aren't I lucky to have a sweet sister, who will graciously point out to me and the world wide web that "my knees are falling"!! I don't even know what that means! Thanx Nan! :)

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Nan Myers said...

oh no! your knees are falling, so have mine. i've written about it, not posted yet. still in denial. xo, nan