Nov 8, 2010


Good art inspires me. I, myself, am drawn to creations that are almost other worldly. The stuff where you think to yourself.... how did he DO that, how did he even THINK to do that, how did he even decide that it was HUMANLY POSSIBLE?!? This definitely falls into that category.

I also love small things. I have a 'small thing' collection. Remind me to share it with you one day. I would love to have one of these in my 'small thing' collection. Eeee Gad.

As Della would say, is this for weals?

His name is Dalton Ghetti and he is a carpenter by trade. He uses a razor blade and a needle and good light to create these. To see more go here!

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Nan Myers said...

weird sister...i have pulled those exact images to post about! crzy. xo