Nov 5, 2010

the not sick, sick child

My children are pretty good about claiming their space. Every now and again they will feign illness when they are actually perfectly fine and just in need of some momma time and some personal pampering. If at all possible, I go with it. We spend a quiet day at home 'pretending' to be under the weather. I will fluff the pillows and prop them up in bed and bring them a good book. The cat is usually a willing participant and will loll all over the 'sick' child and purr when necessary.

Yesterday was Lew's day.

Breakfast arrived on a tray. Eggs, toast, and home made apple butter. Have I ever mentioned that I believe that a tray alone has healing qualities? I do.

what a lousy picture...santa, i want a camera!

He loves comic books and read Peanuts in bed all morning. He would call me in to ask questions about Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the gang. I answered them... Charlie Brown was just always down on his luck, no Peppermint Patty was not a boy, and I'm not sure why Marcie called her 'sir', and Lucy is pretty much just a bitch....

He had a warm bath with candles and we even turned on the heater in the bathroom to make it extra cozy. He had mint tea with honey. We built a fire in the bedroom. We played Monopoly. We had sick soup. Go here for the recipe.

And the cat enthusiastically cooperated.

I love my Lewis! Be well!

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