Nov 15, 2010

weekend in review

We went to the Gaylord Sheppard Soccer Tournament in Albuquerque. Lost all 3 games, but Max scored a goal and we all had fun.

Went to Trader Joe's to stock up on cool packaging and cheap wine. Worth the trip!

Went to REI for the first time in my life. Not sure why we go to an 'outdoor' store when we go to the big city, as that is the only type of store that we DO have in Durango.... creatures of habit, I guess.

Ate at this very fun and festive restaurant in Bernalillo. Highly recommend!

Bought some of these.

It's nice to get away, if even for a night, and be reminded of the joys of a big(ger) city. Albuquerque almost feels foreign, with it's Mexican flair.

Note to self, go more often.

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