Dec 8, 2010

eye candy

Never in my life have I been moved to decorate a cake in a frou frou sort of way. It's not my thing. I do decorate cakes but my standard design is lots of icing with pansies and ferns and odd ball animal figurines. Pansies and ferns are what's growing when my young 'uns birthdays come round, and I just like funny thrift store plastic animals. But check this out. Darn, it's nifty.

I think I'll make it.

However, DO NOT hold your breath for pictures.

Go here for the recipe.

And this is decidedly fall-y, not christmas-y. So get this. I am going to change up the colors just a bit to make these colored Christmas lights....WHICH, if you have a firm grasp on my ESSENCE you know that I am all about.

Blogs are such a self involved affair, aren't they?!

Love you all!

1 comment:

Jamie Jo said...

If you want to be a little less self-involved, just make that cute cake (the Christmas version) for me! :)