Dec 11, 2010


We went to Phoenix this past weekend. We were on a mission for two things....a sofa and Matt's life long dream. We acquired both.

When it comes to travel we are of two minds. There is the part of us that would prefer to camp under the stars, and then there is the other part that will only settle for four or five stars. I'm talking luxury. I'm talking high end. So it's either in the dirt with a tent and the critters, or the polar opposite. We are exciting that way.

The thing about luxury resorts is that they are really expensive. And, by nature, I'm thrifty.

Luckily, I am a pro at finding a travel deal. I used to have a crush on Clark Howard. (and if you don't know who he is, chances are you're a bit poorer for it.....literally.)

I once found a round trip plane ticket to London for a hundred bucks. You can bet I was on that son of a bitch the next day. I rented a car for thirty dollars, drove to Edinburgh, and Matt proposed over a greasy bag of fish and chips. He escaped from the Sea Shepard (now famous as Whale Wars on prime time) and we lived happily ever after. But that's probably a separate blog post. There are a few more details involved.

All I'm saying is that I love to find a good deal. And I love a swank hotel. And we found one in Phoenix. Hello Fairmont Princess. (Go here to book it for the price of a Days Inn on I-40.) Beautiful swimming pools, an amazing tennis complex, golf course, water features galore, and the most exciting Christmas decorations you've ever seen, nestled into a truly  astounding dessert landscape.

A room is a room, and this one was lovely, but, give me gardens any day. I am from the city of roses, but have never seen roses like these. And when the ground is covered with snow at home, an orange tree is pure fantasy. And then there were the bunnies. Darling bushy tailed bunnies everywhere... frolicking on rolling green lawns. Seriously. I know that someone was lamenting them as pesky vermin, but dang, they were precious. You can bet that my children exceeded the preferred spa resort decibel level and the personal space rules trying to catch them, too.

They also rolled in the grass, like dogs, because we don't have 'lawns' in Colorado.

And that lemon tree was made for climbing.

I can't begin to describe the water features.

All this is to say that the Patton family can sometimes have a large 'foot print' when overnighting somewhere. My children are well behaved and quite polite. They are also curious and intrepid.

"Mom, how do they make that fire burn in the middle of that pond?"

And, as God as my witness, I did NOT say....

"Oh honey, swim out there and see."

more later......


Jamie Jo said...

So fun! I'm going to have to try that thrifty site!!!

Zane Wooder said...

It's funny because I have more fun camping under the stars then going to five star hotels. The luxury's we have can give us superficial happiness but nothing is more beautiful then nature.

-Zane of ontario honey