Jan 25, 2011

don't read this

Testing. Testing. I got a new camera and I am so excited. Here is a photo of my baby with it. She's so darn cute. She is formidable in the Cute Department. She will bitch slap you with cute, if you're not careful. It happens to me all the time.

Hold on a sec though. Let's back up. As a lover of words I am intrigued by the term 'bitch slap'. Aren't you? Yes, I know. What exactly is a bitch slap and what is the origin of the term? The internet is an unbelievable resource. I'll go google it. Be right back.

{Do you ever feel that the internet is really too amazing to be true? Sometimes I fear that Satan himself will one day leap out of my monitor and scream..."HA! I'VE GOT YOU!...that's another post though}

OK. I'm back. That was a major waste of time. Basically it's a flat handed slap delivered in a situation where there is an inequity of power. Which is to say, that it's meant to be demeaning. Not to be confused with the 'pimp slap', which is done with the back of the hand and is 'disciplinary'. No point of origin that I could find, and that was really what I wanted. The HISTORY of it all. Son of a bitch. Did you read Catcher in the Rye as a youth? Do you remember how they spelled sonofabitch as one long word, all together? I went through the whole book with NOT A CLUE as to what they were saying. My pronunciation was ridiculous! Someone should have bitch slapped me!

Good God Almighty let me wrap this up.

I've confused myself and you must think that I'm depraved.

Which is another interesting word..................

The END!

but P.S.
{did you read James Joyce when you were on your quest for the meaning of life as a young adult...Ulysees, to be exact. I tried but gave up about half way through because it's stream of conscious and it's gut wrenching to follow and that's apparently what's happening right now even I'm not sure but aren't words fun hello Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Atwell they were my high school english teachers who read my blog and that makes me nervous and i just wish satan would jump out right NOW with a bitch slap.......

that was fun and you get to see that i have a rich fantasy life or poor! and really this is the end}

Love Ya


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