Jan 24, 2011

hello friends!

Posting will get sparse around here. I am working hard on my other project, trying to learn some tricks on my fancy new camera, and my calender is full of extra curricular stuff, too!

My head is swimming with all sorts of fun that I will be sharing soon!

And Valentine's is just around the corner. I have lots of thoughts on that.

Stay tuned!

Here are a few fun links to get you going this week.

This is a sweet Mom interview. I want to be her friend so she'll take me to her island. Shallow, I know.

In the coming week I will be posting an interview with my friend, Jamie Jo, who, just yesterday, cooked her families food FOR THE MONTH!!!! That's WILD! ! For now, read about it here on her blog! And I'll get the nitty gritty details on the whole thing. Like what drugs she's on....that sort of thing.

I know I said that I was not making a new years resolution. But I changed my mind. Here it is. I am going to bake a different cake every month. Simple as that. And it will make everyone in the family happy. My bon appetit magazine came yesterday and I was inspired by this.

And one last little tid bit. Is this psychotic or nifty? You decide.

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Nan Myers said...

saw that over the weekend too and had written it down.a little weird, but would be fun to happen upon. london anyone?!