Jan 6, 2011

Girls Only!

As I surf the blogosphere I see lots of posts about 2010 in review and goals for 2011. I don't really want to review 2010. It was good and I just finished living it. As for goals for the coming year, don't we all want to do better?! Of course we do. So let's move on.

There are two things that I love about the new treadmill (see previous post). I LOVE that I can run wearing just about anything. I run in my pajamas. I have run in my bathing suit. Don't get excited. It's one of those triathlon bikinis....very boring. In short, I am able to run in things that you can't really wear out of the house. Matt suggested running in the nude. I respectfully declined. I said to him, "There is really no one on this earth that I want to see RUNNING in the raw."

And then I paused. And gave this some deeper thought.

Which brings me to the second thing that I really love about our new treadmill. Sometimes I can get to thinking about something interesting and run for a long long time without even noticing the miles flying by. The proper term for this would be 'in the zone'. Today I got in the zone. And I'd like to share.

Thank you, Matt, for the prompt, and let's take a closer look at who we might like to see running nude in 2011. Screw resolutions.

This is such a no-brainer. Hello Hugh. We watched 'Australia' the other night and I think it was good. I was in a daze! It's a sprawling epic saga about, well, Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.  Holy smokes he's special! I generally go for a nerdier type (as you will soon see) but Hugh in his sweaty, period garb was almost too much. He can also sing and dance, which is a big plus for me. They cut the scene in the movie where he was running nude across the outback, but if you think about it real hard you can imagine it! Moving on.
But let's stick with the name Hugh, OK? Hugh Grant. It's the hair and the accent and the wit. I'm not sure how he'd look running nude, but I don't really care. I'm betting we'd all sneak a quick peak. Thank you for making all those silly British rom coms. I'm happier cause you're here.

Bear with me for one more Hugh, please.
Mr. Laurie, you won me years ago as the patriarch in Stuart Little. I like the dark side, too! Please get thee back to England and take a role that doesn't require an American accent! And you're looking fit there....are you a runner, by chance.

Enough with the Hughs, though.

Drum roll please....another singing and dancing hunk with an accent. If you want some non-stop Ewan McGregor, go rent 'Long Way Round'..... a sometimes boring and self involved account of his motorcycle trip around the world. It's wonderful! :) He doesn't run nude, however, just lots of (clothed) motorcycling. 
Do you see a pattern emerging? I should just move to the U.K. Colin Firth is lovely and plays my all-time favorite movie role . Watch 'Love Actually' this minute and see him bumble into the most romantic scene of all times. I truly can't picture the nude running, as he is so dignified, but I'll just keep trying.

If it's all right with you, I'm going to switch genres. Let's move on to the Food Network. Betcha didn't see that one coming, did you?
Can't really explain this one, and truth be told, he's getting a little too big for his britches. But I wouldn't mind having dinner with him and putting him back in his place. The man can cook, however, and if he's smart he should also run. All that food will eventually catch up with him.

Brace yourself, because I REALLY can't explain this one.

Alton Brown knows more than is healthy or normal about food. He's nerdy. He's aging. But he's got that special something. Just come over and cook me something complicated and I'll set you up with my friend Suzanne. Y'all can run together.

Don't worry, no Emeril, I'm done with the foodies.

How bout musicians.

 Glen Hansard. I've written about him before. Irish. Pure Soul. I'd rather see you sing than run nude, but if wild dogs were chasing you fresh out of the shower what choice would you have? Let's watch him sing for a moment, shall we? And don't miss his movie, Once.

I'm going to leave off here, because I have a real life to live, but I will say that this brief foray into pure fantasy has been amusing for me.

Who floats your boat?

And would it be weird if I made Matt speak with an accent?

I hope you all have a lovely year filled with lots of love, big laughs...the kind that make your face hurt, good health, why not some wealth, and little fun fantasy!


Nan Myers said...

You forgot STING! Just saying...

ivey patton said...

you are right! i did forget sting! i saw him in a documentary not long ago and he was paunchy and old looking. sort of blurred his sex appeal a bit.

Lisa said...

Matt Damon and George Clooney

ivey patton said...

oh lisa! how right you are! they both have that certain something. i might have to do a part two on this one!

Jamie Jo said...

You're hysterical! I don't know that I agree with any of those men for who I would want to see running in the nude (actually, I don't think I would want to see any man running in the nude with all his stuff flopping around. . .maybe they need shorts on for me). But I agree with loving the accents. . .why is that that we love a man with an accent? So weird!!!

Good for you for running. . .in whatever! I just got news that I have severe hip problems and that I am not allowed to run. . .I could not have been happier! Now I actually have a medical "bye" from running!!!

Let's get together soon when I get back from Cabo!

Bridge said...

Colin Firth is my most favorite guy in the world (next to Scott and Ike)--
love your blog. I was linked from Rachel's page.