Jan 6, 2011

bad feng shui

Enquiring minds want to know.

We went to Phoenix for a sofa and Matt's life long dream. I said that in this post. Matt says that's a stretch and I like to think that I am his life long dream. But he's wanted one of these for a long time. And now he has one.
And in this picture it looks small. But it's not. It's very big. Very. If I so desired, I could roll straight out of bed and right onto it. At night, I lie in bed and stare at it. And if I haven't run on it, I feel guilty. It breaks all the rules of proper feng shui. But, I must say that I am in love. It is snowy and wet and rainy and cold and dark outside. Running is a bitch to begin with, but add those factors in and it's a no go. I'll take any excuse!

But now I have none. I am starting to LIKE running. I have never run this consistently in my life. The other day I got on it, and before I had even thought much about it I had gone five miles. Almost effortlessly. I am staying away from any new year resolutions around this because I don't want to jinx it. Matt, of course, is training for a marathon.

Matt is a natural born runner. One of those disgusting types that can shoot out the door and run 12 miles without a care. On our first date (in Georgia) he asked me to go to California with him to run the Big Sur Marathon. I don't recall him training at all.

I won't say that there is a marathon in my future. It actually sounds like torture. But not as torturous as it sounded 6 weeks ago.

My favorite trail is just out the door, but it's buried under several feet of snow.

When it melts, I'll be ready.

{If you are in the market for a treadmill, the Woodway is awesome. It has a much better 'feel' than health club treadmills....go here for info.}

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