Jan 10, 2011

pet peeve

This post was brought to you today by the letters B, A, and D.

I was eating lunch at my favorite restaurant the other day and it happened. The woman at the table next to me answered her cell phone and proceeded to have a long and obnoxious conversation about storage unit rentals. She went into great detail. She left no stone unturned on the subject. The whole restaurant got to listen, and it literally stopped all other normal conversations in their tracks.

After about 5 long minutes of listening to her in stunned silence, I did it. I stood up. I turned around. I stared.

"Are you for real, Lady?" my eyes asked her. (I didn't say a word!)

Her voice dropped and she continued, but I hope she withered just a bit inside. Yes I do.

So consider this post a little tutorial on proper cell phone etiquette. Actually, let's just call it common sense, so that we can all feel beholden. Here are some rules in no particular order.

1. It is rude to talk on your cell phone in a restaurant. JUST DON"T ANSWER IT. I would go so far as to say, don't even look at it. It is NOT an emergency. If you must answer, then take it outside.

2. Are you checking out at the grocery store? That's a real live person in front of you and it's rude to be on the phone. Rude and awful.

3. Are you driving a 3 ton moving vehicle? No phones, folks!

4. Are you at work? This is so obvious, but I think it might be shocking to some. Drum role please! Cell phone use should be at a MINIMUM! Ditto texting, facebook, ...

5. Are you sitting in a theatre? OMG! Physical violence is almost justified. Certainly a 'shout out'!

6. Chatting with a friend? The living, breathing human in front of you takes precedent over the buzzing bird in your pocket. Duh.

7. Don't give your child a cell phone. What ever happened to trust and faith and freedom.

I was at church the other day and the woman beside me was texting like mad. Wow. She then pulled a novel out of her purse and proceeded to read. You can't know the restraint I demonstrated. That's not a good feeling to have.....IN CHURCH! Help me Jesus!

OK. I'm done for now. It's called a pet peeve.

I'm just trying to save the world, alright.?

Happy Monday Folks!

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Zane Wooder said...

The worse is when your at a movie and someone picks up their cell phone. How rude. Have some respect for other people trying to enjoy the movie.

-Zane of ontario honey