Jan 11, 2011

winter blahs

I have a touch of the winter blahs. I made a conscious effort to recognize that fact this morning so that I can work to eradicate it. I am tired of the freezing cold and our house gets almost no sunshine as we are snuggled onto the north face of a mountain. Those are the reasons. What is the remedy? This bike would do the trick! Isn't it darling?!

It is part of the Seoul cycle design competition and I think it should win. Read more about it here

Stay away from the blahs, OK?


Jamie Jo said...

I have a touch of the blahs and my house is in the sun!!! Do you know what I did today to try and fix my blahs?!!? I decorated my living room and bedroom for Valentine's Day! I have roses up and a little sterling "love" deal on my mantle and I bought a white duvet cover with some pretty red throw pillows and roses on my night stand. I am in the middle of my big Valentine's Day transformation (with sappy love songs playing) and it is working for me! Come over and have lunch with me at my house and see if it helps you!!!! :)

Bunny Byrne said...

Cheer up! :)
I sent you an actual, hand-scrawled letter today!

Jamie Jo said...

I posted pics of my VDay decor for inspiration! :)