Feb 10, 2011


It's a big week for LOVE with Valentine's and all. I love LOVE. I love this holiday. Pink and red are so snazzy together, then throw in some orange and you have a real party. Hearts are awesome, too.


I have a friend and her heart is hurting. This makes me sad.

I have so many wishes for her.

I wish she knew how stunningly beautiful she is. Inside and out.

I wish she knew how strong she is.

I wish she knew that she DESERVES the best.

I wish she understood that alone is OK, even good, and it is not forever.

I wish she would take the time to heal.

She has precious children. I want the moon and the stars for them.

But we've all seen the bumper sticker.

"If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

And, unfortunately, it's true. Cornball, but true.

She doesn't 'read' me so these words are wasted. But I tell her all the time. It just so happens that I believe in love, and this girl that I'm talking about is flat out destined for goodness.

She's got it coming, but not with this guy or this situation. It's a cruddy week to ditch your man, that's for sure.

But sister, hear this, as I beam it out there. It's time. It's time to jump on the freakin' brakes and whip it around. Scoop up those young 'uns and double down.

That's all I've got. I feel a little better. Cross your fingers!


Bridge said...

lovely she has you to encourage.
i have so needed words like these at times.

Natty-G said...

Well said, Ivey. Too bad she doesn't read blogs. You can e-mail it to her?

We all need to hear how wonderful our friends think we are. If only she didn't have to go through hell, first.

You are a fabulous friend! xo

Zane Wooder said...

Valentine's day isn't just about couples sharing their love. It's about people giving love to everyone.

-Zane of ontario honey