Feb 8, 2011

Valentine's dinner

the water buffalo of love

On Sunday night we will celebrate Valentine's with a special family dinner. We eat together every night; it's the most important thing we do as a family, but Sunday will be extra special. I notified my people that they were each in charge of a course. The fighting began.

Lew is vying for drinks and dessert, as is Della. I hope they will find a compromise. Della wants to scrape the center out of oreos and replace it with whooped cream. For Lewis, it's all a huge secret. How can I buy it, I ask, if I don't know what to buy? He's doing it, he says.

Max is hor d'ouvres. I made him spell it. And explain it. He's making sushi.

I am main course and I'm thinking braised short ribs with mashed root vegetables...they will be pink.

Matt is still deciding. Some foliage, perhaps.

The decorating is the fun part. Lots of candles and music and flowers and my signature random strangeness. As a child, I collected paper weights. I had some real beauties. I dug them out of the attic at home a few years back and they add a touch of wonder to all occasions. I pulled out the red and clear glass ones for my Valentine's table. The kids love arranging them and we added some felt hearts just because felt is so awesome. Lew purchased the red water buffalo with his own money at a festival this summer. The purchase paid for one little girl in Africa to attend school for a year. He is very dear to us and is our official spokesman this Valentine's. Last year we had a squirrel. Yes, we are different.

who's in charge of polishing the candle sticks around here?

What do you do for Valentine's? I'm always on the lookout for the next great idea!

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