Nov 18, 2009

hey hey

My dear friend is going through some tough times. I called her yesterday to say hello and offer what I have to offer....colorful curses aimed at her soon to be ex and playmates for her children. And look what she brought me! We finally had time to chat, just as she was going into the thrift store. I'll call you back in a sec, she said, they close in 5 minutes. One minute later the phone rang.

Size 40 dansko? she said

we're old friends.

Score! I said

And then she delivered these beauties to my doorstep.



Thank you Suzanne!

And Listen Up Friend! I know this is yucky and hard, but you are tough and wonderful and very soon you will find yourself with an exciting new path before you and you will fling yourself down it to wild adventure and greener pastures.

Mark my words.

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