Dec 12, 2009

conversation overheard

Max was in the front seat rocking out to some Greenday. Making mini lassos above his head and grooving as much as you can with a seat belt on.

Della and Lewis were in the back seat very earnestly discussing their college choices.

"You should just come to Colorado with me. It's a long way away, but you can be a cheerleader."

"I don't have a suit for that." Della says

"They give them to you when you get there." because Lew is in the know.

"Mom and Dad will come up and take us out to dinner, too, with our girlfriends and boyfriends."

"What if I don't have a boyfriend?" she asks...

"You will. You're real cute."

"So are you, Lewis."


john said...

I love you and your children!

Nan Myers said...

cute, cute...squeeze, squeeze.