Dec 14, 2009

Olba and Umcka

Sounds like two hairy chinned aunts from Latvia. But no. They are my friends. Especially Olba. Everyone should know Olba.

Do you remember the little blue glass jars of Vicks? Olba is similar, but much stronger. And she is a little more diverse. You can put her in your bath and soak your weary muscles or drop some in a bowl and inhale her. You can use her as a massage oil or do it my way....take a small dot of oil and put it on the tip of your nose. Aaaahhhh. Nasal bliss. And your whole house will smell like an old world steam room.

The jury is still out on Umcka, but I do love the name. I don't take cold medicine. I think it leaves you worse than you started. I also think that colds are something that we are meant to process. Umcka is a European herbal remedy that lessons bronchial symptoms in a tincture, tea or syrup. I chose the tea because it's cheaper and it forces you to drink more liquid. It's just the bark of some tree, no chemicals or anything, and it gives me the illusion of nurturing myself.

Sometimes that's all I need.

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Zane Wooder said...

I agree when it comes to cold's. We need to let our bodies heal themselves.

-Zane of ontario honey