Jul 1, 2010

Drink Your Greens!

In the summer, I lose my desire to cook yet I have a stronger yen to eat healthy. Go figure.
This is my latest concoction and everyone, kids included, are drinking it with breakfast. You can produce any number of variations on this by substituting whatever greens or fruits you have hanging around, but this is a good starting point. My directions are murky so adjust to your liking.

In a blender, put.....

The leafy part of 5 or 8 stems of kale...get rid of those tough stems.

Several cups of water. Enough to go halfway up the blender or more.

Whir these till you have lots of lovely green water. Whir some more.

Add 2 frozen bananas and a handful of frozen mango, or more. Whir till totally whirled.

Now drink and feel totally good about yourself for the rest of the day.

I did not take the above picture of the green drink. It's pirated. :0! My drink is much more beautiful and is a brighter green and I always drink it out of a large mason jar because that's what my friend Tracy does and she is the picture of perfect health. Forgive me!


Nan Myers said...

this is so weird...guess what i did this morning- spinach, apple, ginger, carrot-in the blender. i don't feel great, as in sore throat, so i juiced. xo

ivey patton said...

that is weird. we are KINDRED SPIRITS. don't try to fight it!