Jan 25, 2011

will you do me favor?

In working on 'the new project' it has become necessary for me to define my 'voice' or 'perspective', if you will. On my new blog there needs to be a consistency of purpose that will keep readers coming back for more. For more what? That is the question. And I am trying to answer it . The collective 'they' say that it should be a clear, concise, one sentence answer.

That is SO not easy.

I am struggling.

I am first and foremost an adorer of my children and family. I love them so much that it's.....well, boring. I am not the earnest voice of the beauty of the everyday, but that IS what I find most amazing about our walk on this Earth. Everyday makes me smile. It makes me laugh. It can even get me on a tangent. So let's take out the word 'earnest'. Everyday Mothering? The Joy of Everyday Mothering? But then there are the tirades on bitch slapping, cell phones, nude running, and Groin. (with a capital G, no less!)

Who runs this Dog and Pony show?

Oh, that would be me. Everyday Ivey?

Do you see my quandary? Can you help? Why do you read this stuff? What do you take away? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?

And while we are on it...because today I am just laying it all out there....I have lots of lurkers! And lurkers, I love you, because I am a lurker, too. When I read a blog I rarely leave a comment. But I need you all today. This is what I want you to do.

1. Leave a comment on this post (not on facebook!) and answer the above questions, or A question, or just say hi, I don't care, but try to leave a comment. I have heard from more than a few people that they aren't ABLE to comment,  that blogger shuts them out. Try real hard and if it won't work will you....

2.  Email me at iveypatton@earthlink.net and tell me that it doesn't work for you, so I can trouble shoot the whole thing.

This is HUGE. Thank you in advance!


Carola Rodina said...

hi again - emailed ya earlier - so here we are again - i like you perspective on things, and yeah the tangents - since I love the weird whimsy type things, and not a mom - I'd say keep it more encompassing than a mom website - because you are more than that even though it's where i am sure you're #1...pretty vague still, i know - leaves it wide open...but those are thoughts that came to mind! keep on woman!!

Kimmy Kay said...

Hi Ivey-- Your blog inspires me to be creative whether it be cooking or clothing or whatever little ditty you come up with. I bought a cake stand after reading your blog the other day. Probably won't ever make a cake but it inspired me! Keep it up!

Lindsay said...

I read your blog because you welcome the imperfections of everyday, dust them off or give them a good chat, and then high-five them on their way out (or bitch slap as the case may be). I read your blog because it makes me laugh out loud in the waiting room of the doctor's office and I don't feel the least bit unrefined. Keep it up. Love!

Jamie Jo said...

I totally agree with Lindsay! I read your blog because you are real and you take everyday and make it a little more fun than I seem to make it. I literally laugh out loud when I read your blog. . .my two favorite posts are about "Sharon & Karen" and your first day of school post from this fall. You are real and funny and honest and whimsical and whatever! I go to your blog not for a subject, but just for your personality! Don't get too structured as you try and turn your blog into something else. I love what it is!

kate said...

I too love the whimsical stuff...they're always tasty morsels of information that really enrich my day or simply make me glad. And your writing has a richness to it that I just love. And you are so damned funny! I would avoid using the "mom" word in the title...not sure why because I so appreciate all the parenting stuff that comes up...but as Carola said, it is so much more. I think what is especially nice about your blog is that it is obvious that you are genuinely enjoying what is going on around you, chaos and all,...and being a keen observer, you put into words what so many of us feel. Good luck! Keep it coming, please!

Bunny Byrne said...

I love your blog because it IS filled with the everyday, but a very funny everyday. So maybe earnest it isn't, but entertaining, witty, irreverent, often hilarious, it is. The hilarity of the everyday. When I read it, I see your little head in your profile pic to the side, and I imagine these funny things popping out the top. I personally would like more foul-mouthery. ;)

Lisa said...

Ivey - you are a great writer, and it is a pleasure to read whatever you post. I read for the excellent writing and for the wacky humor but also because of the way you notice and remind me of the joy in the everyday things and the lovely way you embrace life and all of its quirkiness and messiness. I LOVE that. Thanks, XO, Lisa

Natty-G said...

I don't pop on nearly often enough... but whenever I do I so enjoy your honesty, your humor, and the story you are telling in that moment.
You are an artist w/your words, in the way you live, in the way you parent. Continue being you!
I think if you could have someone in marketing &/or "branding" read your blog - that'd be helpful. A professional who could read it from start to finish and could see it from a marketing perspective.... (in exchange for some free advertising?) There is such an agency in Durango.... the owner is a Park mom named Chris something.
just an idea :)
You are amazing!
xo Natalie

tshae30 said...

I really have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, however, I like the others find it inspiring, humorous, encouraging & meaningful.. I love your style of writing and always can't wait to come back for more!! One of my friends had said something that made me laugh one day in regards to a blog title and it was "there's a rattle in my wine glass" and it struck me .. This is you. As we all enjoy the hilarious motherly stories, we also enjoy the adult ones just as much! Keep it up... It’s awesome!

Nancy Ives Schroeder said...

Dear Ivey,
Your blog makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me appreciate my family even more than I already do. Thank you for giving me a peek into your uniquely perfect, yet nutty world. It makes me want to stop and smell the roses and ignore the thorns along the way. Thanks for keeping an old pal smiling.

ivey patton said...

ok! you are all way too nice! thank you. you were sposed to tell me the bad, too! i am grateful for your input and you have given me new insight!!! thanx girls!

ann said...

i love your blog because i like the pictures and the graphics and the glimpse into your intimate world. i also like the irreverence because i have those thoughts and don't have the guts to share it with the blog world. (just my private journal.) i like your humor, and your eye and your willingness to lay it out there...i find it to be entertaining and comforting. i LOVED the hunks and how your train of thought got to them....i like everyday ivey, or i don't know what to call it, but keep doing it...

Wade Groover said...
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Wade Groover said...

Ivey---I ran accross your post in FB and followed it over here. Since I didn't have an opinion, being this was the first time I read your blog, I read it a bit. Funny thing was, I just kept on reading. It's interesting, and you certainly have a way of making simple and sometimes mundane things...well, interesting. I bailed out when we reached the point of who you would, and would not like to see, running naked...

I would keep doing what your doing for sure, and you certainly are talented!

Lindsay said...

Real life. Still life. I want more of that please.

Christoph said...

Meant to do this earlier, but there it is.

Ivey, what you do is provide these little snapshots of your life and what's going on in that crazy brain of yours. The snapshots make us smile, which really comes in handy on those days where the smiles are scarce.

You link to cool stuff that inspires and amazes (still trying to figure out how to downsize enough to fit in those little houses you linked to) so that we don't have to spend valuable time looking for cool stuff that inspires and amazes.

Enough with the (gratuitous - no, but gratis!) praise. Here's what I'd like more of. When you have, oh I don't know, some post about a delicious soup - why not give the recipe? When you blog about making gifts for everyone for Christmas, why not a how-to from you? And maybe some follow-up stuff to interesting posts that have gone before, i.e whatever happened to your radical wardrobe change (and how exactly did you make it happen?)?

See what I mean? Maybe take it to the next level... That said, it might delete some of the spontaneity/snapshot-ness of the whole thing, so maybe I take it all back.

Just food for thought, but please don't stop.

President of your Italian fan club!